Are you going to them or are they coming to you?

They are coming to me

These physiotherapist’s visits are tiring me. Leave my knee alone! It hurts, dammit.


Going there to take care of you. And no, I don’t take a no for an answer. 

Ugh Em…


Well that’s good. How long do you have to not move?

Well, I can move, like to go pee or whatever, but with crutches. The physiotherapist is normally coming to see me today too and we’ll go take a little walk, but I’m not sure how it will go. I feel like my knee won’t handle it.


So did it go good? What does your knee look like?

Apparently it did, I haven’t seen the surgeon yet, I’ll come here sometime today. Well, I can’t see it, I have a splint.

Okay so this first night with my new knee has just been awful. Not being able to move it is just awful for a person like me who is used to keep moving all night long.

Also, hello world, I’m still alive!

This is it


Good luck? Hopefully the scar isn’t ugly.


I’ll have few, but I hope it won’t be ugly as well.. At least I’ll wear my name very properly!

Good luck!
Thanks Ren
This is it

In 5 hours or so, I’ll be in the OR.


Surgery is on Friday, I saw the anesthetist, I have 3 days ahead of me to do big things because after the surgery, I won’t be able to move my knee for awhile. I wanna do something!